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iElevate WOMEN

Women, it’s time to renew and elevate your vision! iElevate Women will experience transformation and elevation through empowering sessions, workshops and more!  Discover how to elevate your life, gifts, hopes, relationships, business, family and dreams in every area of your life. This is your NEW season! Be empowered by top life coaches, thought leaders and influencers. Plus, unite with other women from all walks of life, and expect the elevation!


Our desire is that this phenomenal conference will refresh the dreams of all women in a NEW and fresh way.


iElevate MEN

At the Men’s Summit you’ll discover how to elevate your life, relationships, faith and community. Leading experts and life-coaches will facilitate topics to include; dating and marriage, wholeness, love, overcoming the past, mental health, spiritual growth, HIV/PrEP, sexual health, time management, advocacy and leadership. Meet and grow with other men who seek to deepen their relationships with spouses, family, friendships, and God. Regardless of your background, you’ll have the support of men; who are ready to embark on this journey with you.



Young people, it’s your time to explore and expand. God designed you to explore the galaxies of creativity and innovation, so that you could “go where no youth has gone before.” Prepare for takeoff. CodeRed is designed for all youth to learn how to move to the next level and prepare for their future.


The program showcases phenomenal speakers; attendee’s favorite music; engagement with other youth from other places; and so much more. CodeRed, is where it all begins. With God in your mission control center, you are well on your way to reaching your destiny! This is your time, youth.




#iElevateP&L is where entrepreneurs, leaders, pastors and activists unite. This program allows attendees to glean insights on how to elevate and catalyze the greatest impact in their enterprise or ministry. iElevate as the theme for the Pastors & Leadership Conference will increase your effort to impact people, processes, workflow, investments, marketing and advertising, communication, and more. Whether you’re a tenured leader or a millennial entrepreneur, iElevate will equip you to make a positive impact in today’s cross-generational environments.


Many times, the effort required to launch and sustain a successful business or ministry discourages most entrepreneurs and leaders from realizing their dreams. To achieve positive outcomes – and reduce the risk of burnout – you must minimize your efforts. The most effective way to minimize your efforts is accomplished through a robust strategy. From marketing and advertising, people management, and budgeting and cash flow management, your strategy drives every aspect of your business or ministry. For those of you currently operate in the entrepreneurial or evangelical space, you may be duplicating your efforts in certain areas. Not only does this stifle your effectiveness as a leader, it hinders your productivity and earning potential. Discover how to reduce your risks, stress, and fatigue so you can make the greatest impact in your business or ministry.





The Millennial cabinet is where young professionals, impact players, rising stars and innovators can come together to connect and grow. The focal theme is to:

• Expand your circle of influence

• Create the career of your dreams

• Impact your region  


The Millennial Summit will inspire attendees to speak up and get involved with their community, grow professionally, and connect with visionaries and innovators who are moving the needle. The Millennial Summit aims to inspire everyone who attends to speak up and get involved with our community. So, grow professionally, meet other visionaries and innovators who are influencing the world around them, and be empowered to take a seat at the table and start working to make a difference. We will provide many opportunities to learn about leadership, professional development, nonprofit and community service, government and public service, the arts, personal development and wellness, entrepreneurship, finance, and more! Join us June 19-24






The Trans People of Faith component is to create a nurturing space for develop in faith, relationships, leadership and the destiny of those who are apart of the Transgender community and allies! We are committed to provide the spiritual, leadership and entrepreneurial development to our Transgender sisters and brothers. We will work with allied organizations, secular, spiritual, and religious, transgender-led and otherwise to foster a Summit that caters to the needs.


We believe that the experiences, spiritual vitality, and leadership of those of the  transgender experience will make our communities stronger and more vibrant. We will bring people together to develop conversation, strategy, and community in order to help us all reach our full potential.




The Vision Community Foundation is an evening of style and elegance honoring those lending their influence, gifts and life to enhance the equality of ALL marginalize people. Plus, blazing the path to breaking the stigma of HIV to build a community of faith, support and motivation to live beyond the diagnosis.




The Business Expo and Marketplace is where entrepreneurs and leaders will have the opportunity to showcase their products, goods and services to the iElevate general public.

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